Killian, an angry and somewhat disturbed teen, along with his follower and sometime friend Alex, is determined to find the treasure that local legend says Captain Kidd buried on the shore of the Hudson River. ... his body was dipped in tar and hung by chains along the River … Robert Livingston the Elder (December 13, 1654 – October 1, 1728) was a New York colonial official, fur trader, and businessman; he was granted a patent to 160,000 acres (650 km²/ 250 sq mi) along the Hudson River, and became the first lord of Livingston Manor Pirate Captain Kidd's 'treasure' found in Madagascar. E. Davis. Transcribed by Cliff Lamere Source: Pirates on the Hudson by E. Davis, published in Hudson River Magazine, November 1939, page 12 In 1687 not only traders and travelers were sailing our Hudson River… Tales of pirates' treasure are real to Killian and his friend Alex, who set off on a hunt for gold doubloons buried by Captain Kidd, the notorious pirate who stashed his loot in the Hudson Highlands when his ship went down in a storm 300 years ago. The ships resting on the bottom of the Hudson are simply archaeological maritime treasures that span the development of river transportation for hundreds of years. Gr. Approaching the city of Newburgh, we see a building of rough stone, one story high, with steep roof known as Washington’s Headquarters. ), since the famous pirate Captain Kidd made his home along the Hudson. Finally captured, he has been sentenced to death. There are no reports of undiscovered ships filled with gold from Captain Kidd or other lost valuable cargos waiting to be found. A different old story claims Kidd sailed up from Barnegat Inlet and landed on an island near Toms River, long since known as Money Island… Another legend holds that Captain Kidd romanced a Barnegat farm girl by the name of Amanda, and buried a treasure chest near Oyster Creek, NJ. Hardy Boysstyle action for the '90s. He repents for a time, but slides back into piracy. Part of New Jersey's Gateway Region in the New York metropolitan area, Jersey City is its largest city and county seat. The Ghost Fleet, 1946-1947. mcheshire Hudson Highlands, Hudson River, Lower Hudson Valley, Places May 21, 2016. It also has a reputation as a pirate river (! Courtesy of the New York State Archives. Newburgh, 60 miles from New York. 5^-8. Captain Kidd tells the tale of his wicked life. His early sins include the murder of William Moore and one of his ship's gunners. For several years prior to, and during the Revolution, this was the home of Jonathan Hasbrouck, known far and wide for business integrity and loyalty to liberty. The Hudson River National Defense Fleet, December 14, 1947.

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